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as I listen to this book by Larry Niven the ringworld its an amazing piece of science fiction with amazing ideas and a neat story.

that’s a wicked bit of listening to type to. We gotta reach this level of sissification before it is too late. Its a step in the right direction. #spacestation many steps will lead to the creation of a level that can concur all of the sol. We can only hope that we can pass the test of waring with each other or maybe diverge as a species with a branch of humanity evolving beyond this primordial ozooze it is only a matter of time. If I have it my way that time will be majorly cut we will have floating cities in the next 5 years that launch #payloads into#space these payloads would be launched by #dirigables of every size piolet remotely like drones only #solarpowered and ready to be used 24 7 on an ever busy pace. Every American and Canadian employed to concur beyond earth reaches and bath in the riches of near space and seed a super race of beyond human mankind that can extend its reach beyond. #3dprinting would be the key to freeing even the homeless the resource and energy freedom to do anything the imagination can come up. Pardon while I look up something else to listen to while I type as this audiobook has the feel of a something I recently listened to about a year ago and it is still very fresh in my mind. #fusionpower will be available and plentiful to all very soon. #wireless power transfer the likening of #tesla will also be accessed via #trump releasing so-called disruptive technologies hidden from all of this.

heres a neat forum post on some of what I have in mind for the near future check it out as some of the discussion could benefit us all.


citys of tommorow ideas i found on a google seach this could be a bunch of good ideas here from ocean floating cities to giant blimp cities to cities inside mountains to underwater cities and more the future is ours to behad.

nasa really need to push this more   this is what I am talking about we cant have all our eggs in one basket.

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