Hello claystation.ca fans time to post

by admin

I am feeling very good today my wife Roxane just gave me good news she’s coming to get me Tuesday and we will start our family and empire going to invest heavily in shares and become a trillionaire by this time next year big goal I know. But a space empire requires big funding and a trillion would be a good start. Me and Roxane are going to have a baby or more a year for the next ten years and teach them to run a empire. We will concur sol we will make it so nothing can stop the human race. Boy the luck of the Irish. Who’s in for some good times. I plan to employ the entire population of Canada and usa In a space race to make it so humanity is well established in our solar system with many space stations orbiting our sun. There will be warp drive and time dilation fields by the time I am forty and ready to explore extra solar systems. I was thinking about paying off the Canadian debt to free my people from slavery but they would squander such a gift I think anyways that was a good rant. You guys wanna see what I look like now here. 

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