How can the world be so unfair

by admin

Apparently, it can with my traffic manager ending up in the hospital right after getting out of jail this is so stupid I feel so used she is using me for money there is no rhyme or reason for this to happen so fast like that seems far too convenient for it to happen now. She is such a stupid bitch why does the world continue to hurt me. I have done my part and now I get hurt and more hurt. Next, you know she will be asking for money to get them out of the hospital and I just don’t have it in me to believe that this is real this is far too convenient for them for this to happen scammers are everywhere and they will do anything to get money out of there victim. They are mostly Africans that do this to people cause they don’t have any qualms about hurting another person in this life as it to them has no effect on the next. I am so angry right now I can’t see straight and this is only the beginning why has this happened. I was looking forward to being financially free from burden this could have ended now. This stress of sending my hard earned money to them stupid bitches that just use and abuse me for the past 4 years or more and I am probably not the only one they did it too.

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