VIDEO: Greg Kelly Compares Dr. Oz to President Trump

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Popular Newsmax host Greg Kelly on Monday told his audience he thought President Trump’s endorsement of Dr. Oz over the weekend was “the right thing to do.”

Kelly compared Dr. Oz to President Donald Trump.

Greg Kelly:  I know some Republicans in the Jeb Bush side of the party who don’t like this endorsement of Dr. Oz.  “Dr. Oz!  Dr. Oz is friends with Oprah.  Oprah likes Obama and that’s not right.”  And then, let’s see, “I heard Dr. Oz in 2009 and I don’t think he’s conservative.”   Well all of this stuff about Dr. Oz reminded me of the complaints I was hearing from the Jeb! Bush wing of the Republican party back in 2015.

Greg Kelly then played clips of President Trump on Hillary and abortion from his earlier years. Kelly went on to say that President Trump went on to be the most pro-life president in US history.

He’s right.

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