The Ukrainian Embassy in D.C. is Located in William Marbury’s Home

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In 1992, the Embassy of Ukraine moved to the Forrest-Marbury House in Georgetown. That building was built circa 1788. Uriah Forrest, an early mayor of Georgetown, resided there. Around 1800, William Marbury moved into the house. Yes, the same William Marbury who didn’t get his commission. Maybe John Marshall couldn’t make his way out to Georgetown in time! Marbury lived in his house during the Marbury v. Madison litigation.

If you watch some of the media coverage of the Ukrainian embassy, you can see the commemorative plaque.

I posted this photo on my blog in 2014.

It reads:

From 1800 to 1835, residence of the William Marbury of the legal case Marbury v.Madison. In 1803, through this case, the United States Supreme Court established its right to judicial review of congressional action

The second sentence is not accurate, but I appreciate the recognition of Marbury’s role.


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